Bee Luv Apitherapy


The warm climate and lush jungles of St Lucia and the Caribbean in general provide an excellent home for the honeybee, Apis mel. Ample Flowers, vegetables and fruits are in abundance here year round and they thrive due to the interdependent nourishing relationship with Honeybees . Apitherapy is the ancient practice of utilizing bees and their industrious products for medicine, nourishment and healing. Ancient Egyptian and Mayan heiroglyphics depict the crucial relationship humans have shared with the blessed bees since antiquity.  Honey found in Egyptian tombs prove this pure honey to be the best preserved food known, it's antibacterial properties lasted through eons, allowing archeologists to test it's purity and then consume this finely aged gold! This tidbit as well as prolific scientific research confirms bees and their products are healing and  honey is best in it's unadulterated form, also containing plant medicines of pollen, enzymes, propolis and other bee medicines. The term 'Busy as a Bee" refects the extremely hardworking service of this magnificent insect for humanity and correspondingly the effect which Bee Venom Sting therapy has within our bodies to heal disease. Sting Therpy is administered daily here at our clinic Near Gablewoods South Mall in Vieux-fort, St Lucia and we also offer herbal/nutritional consult, massage and have natural organik bee and plant products available for sale. Injoy CariBEEan LUV ~love the bees, the earth and yourself by choosing natural and sustainable for your family's vibrant health and future.