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Bee venom sting therapy

  1. What is bee venom sting therapy?

    Sting therapy is an ancient healing modality that has its roots in china 5000 years ago as the start of acupuncture, before there were metal needle the bee stinger as well as plant thorns were used to release qi (chi) from meridian points on the body for healing. It was also prevalent in ancient Egypt and was taught to ancient Greeks including Hippocrates, the 'father of medicine' who used bee venom to bring the body back to balance. It is an aspect of apitherapy because it the venom of the honeybee has 14 biochemicals that stimulate the immune system and it is also the most anti-inflammatory substance known to man, hence its success in auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Think of the bee sting as Nature's flu shot!
  2. How does bee venom sting therapy work?

    The apitherapist gathers bees and then holds them over places which you have pain in your body. It can also be used on pressure points, organ points and meridian points to stimulate healing in the organs or systems. The stinger is injected into the body and the venom sac continues to pump venom into your body for about ten minutes. The bee venom travels throughout your bloodstream, cleansing the blood and removing sickness and stagnant energy or trauma. It is cathartic in nature it brings up the root cause of illness.
  3. What does bee venom sting therapy treat?

    In ancient Egypt , bee venom was used to treat over 120 illnesses. At BeeLuv Apitherapy, we believe the honeybee can treat any illness and it also can bee used as a preventative measure to raise the immunity and promote wellness. There is a popularity of bee venom to also Stimulate anti-aging as well as weight loss, due to the detoxification mechanism of the bee venom. We urge you on your first visit to do a full health consultation to be able to assist you in your body's healing and also receive nutritional, exercise and lifestyle recommendations.
  4. Does bee venom sting therapy hurt?

    If you have not gotten stung by a bee before , the initial feeling is of burning and dependent on the location of the sting , some areas can be more painful than others. This burning lasts for 1-3 minutes, followed by a relief due to the anesthetic and anti-inflammatory qualities of bee venom. Bee sting therapy is for the brave - it is best to breathe deeply during the therapy and try to release fear. The honeybee helps us embrace the notion of "no pain no gain'!
  5. How long does it take to feel the results of bee venom sting therapy?

    This is different for each client due to the nature and severity of their specific ailment. If you do not feel the initial burning of the sting which results in a small swelling of the area, this is a sign that you have a more severe problem that may take more time to heal. Most clients will feel better 15 minutes after the sting and feel an increased wellness in the morning following sting therapy. We suggest 11 days of consecutive treatment as a course for initially seeing how the therapy will benefit your unique chemistry. In the 2 years of the clinic's history every single patient has felt an improvement in their health.
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