Bee Luv Apitherapy



Quotes I had rheumatism in my left knee that did not allow me to walk properly. I could not bend my knee& had to put all my weight on the left side which caused strain/discomfort. My pain rating was 8/10 (10 being the worst and 1 the least). My dr. said I had fluid in my knee & a lump protruded to one side. Farmers overall withstand much wear to their bodies, in this case I wore tall rubber boots everyday which impeded my foot & also irritated my knee. The healing from bees came gradually with a breakthrough between 6-7 consecutive days. I received up to 25 stings per treatment on my knee & whole body. I have never taken Rx drugs, don't eat flour or sugar, only food I grow. My family & I are type that do not get sick. Before I came to the clinic , I thought that rheumatism had no cure. Now that the bump on my knee is gone & my pain is 1/10 ~ I proudly state that "Bee sting is #1"! I am interested in the organic farming workshop 2 transition away from ag chemicals for the future! Quotes
Hilary Verneuil
53 year old Male Farmer