Bee Luv Apitherapy


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Bee Venom Sting Therapy~
The recommended treatment period is 11 days consecutively. The current price for this block is $240 at our clinic in Vieux-Fort, St Lucia. It is okay to miss a day in between , but the more often you receive in sucecession, the faster your recovery will be.  If you would like to pay per treatment it is $30 for up to 20 beestings.  House calls are available for an additional travel fee dependant on distance. We now a Please see FAQ for other information regarding Bee Venom Sting therapy, how it works and any side effects you may experience.


"I used to think that rhuematism had no cure. Now that the lump is gone on my knee and I can walk properly I can say: Bee sting is #1" ~ Hilary Verneuil, 53

"I have suffered chronic pain for the last 11 years from various sports injuries and car accidents. 3 weeks of bee sting therapy the pain is gone and I have never felt better despite the itching & swelling~This is how the bee clears sickness from the body. I am forever indebted to the bee! ~ Manda Pendleton, 35